NDTV Profit Brand Studio

The Objective

Establish crypto as a mainstream investment opportunity that users should consider.

Go beyond cryptocurrency into the larger world of blockchain to help audiences understand the technology behind crypto -- explain new trends and more, to empowers users to make smart decisions based on groundwork.

Articulate WazirX & leadership PoVs for policymakers & users and position WazirX as India's most respected crypto platform.

The Approach

  • From engaging videos to insightful podcasts and powerful articles, all hosted on a hub dedicated to crypto investing, we leveraged multiple content types.
  • Product integrations were also included with WazirX branding, etc., on crypto section of BQPrime.com.
  • Transparent approach to a subject where building trust is necessary to widen investor base, including dealing with tough issues such as crypto winter.

The Solution

  • Year long campaign with calendarized approach to themes as well as dealing with topical issues in crypto space.

    From explainers to dealing with tough questions to thought leadership conversations, Future of Investing used multiple content approaches as part of a holistic strategy to engage audiences and answer every doubt on crypto investing.  The campaign dealt transparently with tough questions and educated users on crypto being a part of a well-researched investment strategy, and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

  • Marketing & Promotion – BQ Prime, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, dedicated hub to house all content, targeted campaigns run across social

The Campaign

Future Of Investing

Take a deep dive into the world of cryptocurrency

The Outcome