BQ Prime Brand Studio

The Objective

Position Skoda as a brand that is in constant 'pursuit' of innovation in order to deliver the best customer experience

Deeply associate Skoda with stories of excellence across different walks of life

Amplify content to build salience among intended target audience

The Approach

  • Adopt a storytelling approach to capture stories of exceptional people
  • People who are creators and innovators in their individual field and this is what exactly SKODA stands for: You don’t have to be famous to be brilliant
  • Unravel interesting stories beyond those available on Google search, TED, press articles, websites and wikipedia
  • Stories of activists, storytellers, and curators of art and music, entrepreneurs and creators of change
  • Understand their unique pursuits, and the insights that their journeys have led them to

The Solution

  • The first edition of Pursuits by Skoda, is a web series features some exceptional stores and exceptional people whom time won’t forget
  • Stories of 'Pursuits': Sriram Raghavan (Director - Andhadhun, Badlapur, Ek Haseeni thi, Johny Gaddar, Agent Vinod), Matt & Namrata (Founders of Blue Tokai Coffee), Atul Khatri (A man who gave up being a CEO to become an English stand-up comedian and a YouTube personality) and more such stories.
  • Marketing & Promotion - Bloomberg|Quint Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dedicated microsite to house all videos, targeted PR amplification across trade media

The Campaign

Pursuits by Skoda

A Web Series About Exceptional Stories And Exceptional People

Whom Time Won’t Forget

The Outcome