BQ Prime Brand Studio

The Objective

Build an independent platform for thought leadership content around FSI digital strategies in the post-pandemic New Normal.

Get India's top BFSI CIOs to speak about their experiences & business imperatives that drive their digital strategy

Seamlessly position Oracle + Intel as trusted technology leaders & partners for digital in the BFSI space.

The Approach

  • Insightful interviews, panel discussions driving the conversation with India's top BFSI CIOs, followed by powerful, in-depth e-books
  • Go beyond abstract technology talk, to business-centric conversations that focus on new opportunities, navigating complexity and cybersecurity challenges.
  • Also leveraged post-event content from a top BFSI Digital event.

The Solution

  • BFSI leaders from different FSI verticals -- banks, stock exchanges shared insights and thoughts on their strategies.
  • Building on this powerful, independent content audiences were provided options to delve in further into issues by downloading e-books.
  • Marketing & Promotion – BQ Prime, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, dedicated hub to house all content, targeted campaigns run across social

The Campaign

Banking On Data 2.0

The Indian financial services industry overcame never-before-seen disruption during the pandemic by leveraging digital.

The Outcome