BQ Prime Brand Studio

The Objective

Create innovative investor education content that leverages new forms of storytelling

At the same time, ensure content helps investors to make smarter choices when it comes to investing.

Convey the schemes and investment opportunities with MiraeAsset Mutual Fund.

The Approach

  • Investor education content in a fun tonality that has rarely been done before.
  • Educate investors on all aspects of investing & mutual funds, starting from asset allocation.
  • High quality videos with an expert anchor aided by professionally researched text articles

The Solution

  • 3 videos and 3 articles -- focusing on themes such as ESG, thematic investments and more.
  • ESG video used humour approach to convey powerful message about ESG & importance of ESG
  • Marketing & Promotion – BQ Prime, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, dedicated hub to house all content, targeted campaigns run across social

The Campaign

Investors Education

All You Need To Know About Thematic Investing

The Outcome