NDTV Profit Brand Studio

The Objective

Build powerful surround content for Groww

Educate Indian investors on smart investing

Seamlessly position Groww as the partner of choice for investing directly in markets

The Approach

  • Series with market gurus -- Dr C K Narayanan and Avinash Gorakshakar

  • Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis demystified through in-depth videos with experts

  • Educate Indian investor on direct investments and how to invest smart

The Solution

  • Annual property with regular videos & articles - 10 videos, 10 articles
  • Focused on helping empower investors -- content covers basics to leveraging technical & fundamental analysis.
  • Marketing & Promotion – BQ Prime, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, dedicated hub to house all content, targeted campaigns run across social

The Campaign

Groww Your Wealth

Understanding & leveraging Technical and Fundamental Analysis

The Outcome